The elections they are unfolding, and our votes you’re trying to win

But a smile and a handshake will not have us convinced

We hear the empty promises, they never seem to start

The actions on the ground disappear, when Election Day departs

Please don’t patronise us today; we’ve had our fill of your jargon

When will this Tory Government realise, with us they got a bargain?

Do they care when were on bended knees, saying we can’t go on

Will they pick up the pieces, for our loved ones when life goes wrong?

Does your manifesto mention unpaid carers, and give us your full support?

Or honestly are you only here hoping for our votes

Did you care enough to consider us, thinking we can’t do this on our own?

Ensuring unpaid carers are coping, and able to go on

We are hoping you will agree its time, for this government to repay

The thousands of unpaid carers, who care day after day

It’s not the governments pockets, that are being hardest hit

It’s the unpaid, unsupported, undervalued carers, who are becoming sick

We’re not asking for a reward, no medals made of gold

Just get rid of this austerity, and stop us feeling cold

Carers they don’t have a choice; it comes straight from the heart

Most only ever get one break, it’s before their caring role starts

So tell us again why you need our vote, why now do we matter

Why are you listening to us now, taking an interest in our patter?

All of a sudden you need us, where were you when we needed your support

We will be there on Election Day, but can you count on our vote?

Carolan Connolly


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